Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm Rather Fond Of Hummingbirds...

In our backyard patio area, not only do we have lots of things planted...a garden of sorts...but we also planted flowers that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  We have two hummingbird feeders that have been such a joy...because we get daily visitors from these delicate, swift flying, quick winged birds.  It's some of the cheapest form of entertainment for the kids.  Seriously...they will go sit out on the patio and they come and go.  
I JUST LOVE THIS and so do they!!
There is just something SUPER sweet about Hummingbirds.  They were my GRANDMA's favorite bird.  She had hummingbirds all over her house and I always think of her when I see them.
But there is also something sweet having them hang around "our" area.  The three that visit us frequently, seem to not be too afraid of the constant movement (four kids are always moving), loud noises (yeah, they don't play quietly) and have even hovered my shoulder as I water the plants in the early morning hours...I enjoy their company.  It brightens my day to see them, to hear their wings fluttering so quickly and watching them be brave as they perch to drink & enjoy some refreshment.
Did you know that Hummingbirds are symbolic too?  
I guess, in a sense, we are kindred spirits...because they are known to be HIGH ENERGY animals (obviously) who are INDEPENDENT, bring playfulness & joy in life, and who lift up negative energy.  Always being an optimist...I can really relate with this animal.  I love having them around!  I love that the kids love having them around us too.  

So glad the hummingbirds come to play with us everyday...