Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Perfect Summer - A MUST SEE

As you know, we are family that loves "family movie night".  
Tonight...the kids and I got the pleasure of previewing a movie called, "THE PERFECT SUMMER".  
It is a mix of several things that the kids & I LOVE!  
Faith...GOD...surfing...waves...and a sweet story all mixed into one.
In my opinion, this is probably a movie that somehow...some way...everyone can relate to.  The main character lost his father...the mother is struggling to make ends meet for her and her son...the beautiful surfer girl "takes it to the waves" because she lives in a home with parents who are constantly fighting...and a Grandpa will teach his Grandson to do something that he, himself loved to do too but wasn't able to continue, after loosing his reality to alcohol.
"UP TV" offers uplifting shows...that are perfect for "FAMILY VIEWING"...because you don't have to worry about bad words, nude scenes, or off color humor.  This movie touches topics like BULLYING, building ones self confidence, building ones personal strength, dedication, falling in love, and finding FAITH.  These are real life issues that we deal with...and how we choose to respond tells a lot about our faith.  With four kids who are learning who they will become in's good to encourage & teach them to do the right thing, tell the truth (this one is harder than we realize), try even when it's hard and be a person of a world that doesn't always teach or preach that.
Not only did it hold all of our attention, from ages 5 to ages 35...but also was uplifting, encouraging, offered the message to NEVER STOP trying, to PUSH harder and to step out in faith.  I think this movie was especially encouraging to our oldest son.  He could relate a little to the main character...who is being bullied and at first would rather play on his phone (be on the internet) than do "real life" stuff.  I always see something COME ALIVE in our son...when he's "in the waves and water".  He's got a surfboard and is learning to surf...and after watching this movie, I wouldn't be surprised if he's begging me to take him to the beach so he can practice even more now.  Our boy could spend hours in that open sea of salt water.  
I've always said that the ocean is GOOD MEDICINE to soothe the soul and even my kids would agree to that!

The kids and I don't have cable, but if we did, we would be watching this channel all the time!  
This movie, "The Perfect Summer" will be airing on Sunday, August 3rd at 10 AM ET.

CLICK HERE to check it out!  GREAT MUSIC, watch the trailer and enjoy the story with your family too!  

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