Sunday, July 27, 2014

@DiamondCandles - A Treasure In Every Candle And Mine Was Worth $5000??

I love having candles in my home to make our place smell delicious!  Yes...I am one of those, who's sweet tooth helps her choose the scents of candles she purchases!  But what if a candle can be even more than just a fancy fragrance and mood lighting for your home?  What if you actually can find a cool piece of costume or even VALUABLE jewelry inside your candle?  
Would you want to buy one just to see what was INSIDE?

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting about this candle and my honest feelings on it!
I've heard of them before, but I have never had the experience of ENJOYING a premium 100% soy "Diamond Candle" until just recently!  I chose the "Cupcake Ring Candle" from their "FOOD COLLECTION", mainly because I had a feeling that I would very much enjoy the scent of cupcakes filling my house!  There were other scents too, that sounded equally Vanilla Cream Ring Candle and Cinnamon Roll Ring Candle.
It arrived, very quickly I might add, in a very cool package, which kept it from being broke in the shipping process.
The look of the candle itself is pleasing to me...and it's definitely something I don't mind having on the counter, the table top or out in the open...even when I am not using the candle.
I was honestly torn what to do next!  I know some people dive right into the candle and dig out their "RING" (we just can't stand the suspense).  I just didn't have the heart to do this to this candle, so we lit it and enjoyed it!  However, after it was lit for probably 3 hours, my kids were driving me nuts to dig in and see what treasure was hidden inside.
I wasn't even sure how the ring was in there.  It wasn't difficult to get it out...because soy candles tend to be on the softer side (wax wise), so  I pulled out a wad of tinfoil.  Inside the tinfoil, the ring was wrapped in plastic.  Me and the kids were so excited!  My parents (who were visiting) were excited as well.  
In fact, my dad inspected the ring to see if it was "valuable" or costume.  
Unfortunately, mine wasn't stamped with .925 or 10K or 14K.  
Pretty sure my ring was in the $10 value category...but that's okay!!
My ring is a beautiful piece of COSTUME jewelry!  And hey...the experience, both enjoying the candle and finding the treasure inside, was super fun too!  My Cupcake Ring Candle is AWESOME!  My house smells sweet and delicious and I will be using this candle all the time.  
This scent is definitely a SPIRIT LIFTER.  
It can smell like a "birthday party" in our house every day!

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I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!