Saturday, July 5, 2014

@Honeywell QuietSet Oscillating Table Fan - Offers A Peacefully Cool Night's Sleep

WHO has the money to pay for HUGE electric bills during the summer months?  Running the air conditioning around the clock, so that your indoor temperature stay stays a nice cool 75 degrees is a fantasy dream...LITERALLY!  Who wants to sit and sweat while you're inside your own house?  What if I told you, you might not have to suffer...because there are products that will minimally cost you, but maximize your cool factor during the hot summer months?  Would you want to know more?

All products were sent free of charge for this review/feature by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest review/feelings about this product and how it works.
So what is a person to do, who is on a budget and trying hard to minimize costs, but survive the heat?
Honeywell offers so many options to help you with this dilemma, one of which I just had to pleasure of getting to try out for our little townhome.  I am more than delighted...because this fan not only offers quite a BLAST of air...but also has settings that will also help me have a peaceful night's sleep.  I pulled this Honeywell QuietSet Oscillating Table Fan out of the package and immediately plugged it into the wall.
WATCH THE VIDEO as I try it out for the first time:
I love that it oscillates the air around the room, that it has several settings to move the air around my bedroom, that it's small enough to sit on top of my hamper...but powerful enough to really move the air around, and it really does make a difference on a hot summer night...when a little "breeze" is helpful, as I doze off to sleep.  I love sleeping with white noise in my room!
This little table fan, really can BLOW it out!

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I was not paid to feature this post! I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!