Monday, July 28, 2014

I Found The Culprit...

My tomato plant, in my back patio garden, has grown so much, and is healthy & producing such delicious, beefy tomatoes. 
Have I mentioned how proud I am of the kid's and my garden and how it's grown?

Sadly though, I have noticed a change in the past couple weeks to my tomato plant and I've been watching it.  I noticed some black dots on some of the leaves and...
TODAY I found the culprit!  OH YES I DID!!  
This totally brings me back to memories of when I was a child and we had tomato plants growing in our parents backyard! We used play with these guys all the time!  
In fact, we used to get them to hiss, tick and spit at us!  
YES WE DID have fun teasing them! 
These things are so gross they are cool, right?  
Have YOU seen one before in real life?  

Anyway, I was excited to find what has been eating my plant and I just had to share, since I finally found it!  
GUILTY as charged!