Wednesday, July 30, 2014

She's Got The BEET...She's Got The BEET! Yeah...She's Got The BEET!

Here's another update from our back patio garden!!

One of the weirdest things that the kids and I planted this year was Beets.  I have never had a garden, let alone grown things like beets (typically not something people are volunteering to eat)...but I was excited to see if we could get them to grow...because I actually like eating them (in the pickled version).
So today, I pulled up our first "BEET".  No one told me when I would know they were ready, but after seeing how big it was...the other one that's growing hasn't reached this size yet...I figured I could pull it!  And as usual...I am impressed that things like this have actually survived and flourished with an inexperienced gardener (me) tending their keep.  I am already planning what we will plant next year!  

SO EXCITING! find some recipes on how to cool and pickle this baby and I'll be all set to have a yummy late night snack!  Wanna join me?