Thursday, July 3, 2014

You Need A Designer @rmrobertmatthew Handbag On Your Arm... #NEXTBIGTHING

Are you picky about your handbags?  I'll admit, in the past...when I was able to be financially picky about my handbags, I was pretty picky!  I had a few brands that I really loved carrying on my arm and I'd use that bag for years to come...still do.  Designer handbags are definitely worth the investment, in my opinion!  It's sort of like a pair of awesome designer jeans!  
Some things are worth investing a little bit more...for what you get!

I was provided this product free of charge from this company for this review/feature!  I was not offered any monetary compensation for posting my honest opinion about this handbag!
Some brands aren't "AS BIG" as those main purse designers (YET), but their handbags are just as nice, trendy (or cutting edge) and I really believe they could be just as big if not bigger than even some of my already favorite brands.  
This is the first time I've heard about this designer...but definitely not the last time!  
The first thing that STRUCK ME, that I loved about this bag...was the color!  
It is HOTT!  
It pops and it will get noticed when I carry it!  Don't you just love the color?
You'd notice it and want to know where I got it at, if you saw me carrying it, right?
The second thing I noticed is all the details.  The zippers, the fact that there are two "MAIN" compartments of this bag, the back zipper pocket, and the fact that it also has a shoulder strap included, if I want to carry it on my shoulder and not on my arm.
This bag is awesome to use for everyday running errands and being "MOM"!  You know what I'm talking about...t-shirt and shorts, hair in a pony tail, flip flops on your feet and your hand holding another little hand.
And especially for dressier times like dinner out, a job interview, an office job, etc.  
It's made to last, the stitching, the material it's made out of ("animal friendly PU leather"), and the double handles too (which is how I prefer to carrying my handbags).  That means it's up for the challenge that all women put their handbags through.  How much can we shove into a little confined space?  Admit never know what you'll find in a women's purse!
This line is designed by two guy friends who are passionate about trend setting fashion...and I personally love what they have inspired!  
This Sophie Bag will get noticed and I believe that definitely this BRAND will too!  

ROBERT MATTHEW handbags are the next BIG THING in handbag trends!  
You heard it here first!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!