Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Colgate Total Ambassador - Part 1 - Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash

Oral hygiene...as you know...is very important in our home!  
Two reasons, because our smiles are one of the first things that make a FIRST IMPRESSION on people and because dental issues are not cheap!  But really, because I care about the health and well being of our mouths, from the inside out!

All products were sent on behalf of Colgate-Palmolive for review purposes only!  I was given a $100 Gift Card to use in purchasing more Colgate products for my families oral hygiene.
I was delighted to be chosen as an Ambassador for Colgate Total...to get to share with you some new and exciting products they are launching this month!  Are you excited too?  You should be!!  
There are always perks to being an AMBASSADOR, right?
We received a package that I will be breaking down into a couple different reviews...because honestly I want you to absorb all the information, not just skip to the end to see what's in it for you!

SO CHECK back this week, as we tell you all about the Colgate Total and Colgate Kids new products!
But first up...I got to try out the Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash.  I have been using Colgate Total Whitening products (toothpaste and toothbrush) for some time now and I love them!  My mouth always feels clean, my teeth are maintaining their pearly white shine and I haven't had any major teeth issues...so I chalk that up to brushing enough and using products that work!  So I was delighted to know that I can take my teeth cleaning experience even further with this new Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash, after I've done my flossing and brushing every morning!  

CLICK the video below and watch me try this out for the first time:
(I know...I know...I'm NO Kelly Ripa, but it's an honest product review video by a real mommy, right?)

So as I write this, about 30 minutes after trying it, my mouth still feels clean and fresh.  The burn is gone and there is a slight minty flavor left...so I am pleased!  I am excited to continue using this product and not only keep my teeth white, but also to strengthen my teeth (cause heaven knows they need all the help they can get).  This formula is supposed to help re-mineralize the tooth enamel and help prevent cavities (sugar bugs...our kid's dentist calls them).  It also has a tarter prevention system and overall should improve the health of your mouth if you use as directed.
Will you be looking for this Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash on your local store shelves?  
It's not expensive and if it works...why not give it a shot?

Keep watching, as the final post in this series will include a #GIVEAWAY you will not want to miss out on entering to win!  TRUST ME!  It's a good one!

CLICK HERE to head straight to their website to learn more about Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash!

I was not paid to feature this post!   I was compensated by posting this review/feature with the products sent for this review/feature, as well as a $100 gift card to purchase more Colgate products for my family.  All products were provided by Colgate-Palmolive for review purposes only!