Monday, August 4, 2014

Get To Labeling With @MabelHood - Back To School With The Scholars Combo

With the upcoming school year (starting sooner than the kids would like), comes with the demand of  lots of school supplies needing to be bought (times four kids)...some of which are costly and you don't want your kids to loose or misplace, right?  For instance, this year our oldest son will need a Scientific Calculator...which isn't quite the investment it was when I was in school, but still costly!  So how can a mom feel confident that, at least if it falls out of his backpack...someone might return it?  And since we are so electronically know there are phones, tablets and ipods that probably need some sort of identification in case they go missing too, right?  You wouldn't want your son's things "accidentally" becoming someone else's property.

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting about my honest feelings on this product!
Thanks to Mabel's Labels -  the "Scholars Combo", labeling everything in his bag, including gym clothes, sneakers, electronics, games and all his supplies is simple, easy and not too FLASHY (7th grade impressions can be a BIG DEAL).  
And I want him to put his BEST FOOT forward this year...and every year!

This package comes with so many will be "LOOKING" for more things to put them on!  
At least I was!
Now that everything is labeled up...
he is ready to head off to school (his name is on the labels, but for confidentiality, I have concealed it)!  Woohoo!  And hopefully I won't be replacing too many of his school supplies before the school year is over!  
And I love that the tag labels stay on (washer and dryer safe)...even when you wash the clothing...cause heaven knows his GYM CLOTHING will need some frequent cleaning!

Have you labeled your kid's school stuff?  

Let me recommend you check out Mabel's Labels for all your labeling needs!!  
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