Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Magical Mermaid - She'll Never Want To Get Out Of The Bathtub Now! @Zurutoys

My kids all love their "bath time".  They always have...since they were little bitty.  It seems, as they get older, there is less play and quicker in's and out's.  But there are some days...when it's just fun to take a warm bath, take a few fun toys (my kids like to play with legos, cars, dolls, etc.) in the bathtub.  Especially my two youngest, who still really enjoying some good old fashion imaginative play.

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So when we were offer the "My Magical Mermaid" for a review...I knew this would be something my youngest daughter would be ALL ABOUT.
This little robotic mermaid actually swims in the water.  Her little tail fin flutters and she swims about.  She comes with three different weights, which all weigh differently on her and help her swim under water too.  She can back float and she can glide across the water with ease.  She really does make swimming look fun and easy.  
My daughter is going to be totally in awe of this adorable little Mermaid.
In fact, she's super cute too.  We received "Shelly"...and I love her pink tail, her bright hair and the fact that she comes with TWO EXTRA BATTERIES.  Oh yeah, I love that she actually works too!  Which you know you're going to need...because the more your child plays with her...the more fun it will become.  They will figure out how to use the weights, have her doing all sorts of tricks, etc.  
So much bath time magic can happen with this fun little Magical Mermaid Shelly.
I honestly didn't fill the bathtub up with much water (we're on water restriction), so I didn't use the weights to see her dive down or swim below the water...but you get the basic idea by my video that she does swim very gracefully across the water.  I'm not sure that many girls will have access to an aquarium or tank (that they sell separately), like their advertisement video (see at the beginning of this post)..for her to get that type of depth in her swimming...but the concept is awesome if you do!

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