Sunday, September 28, 2014

Before You Go - See What It's All About - "SEAWORLD Halloween Spooktacular" Event REVIEW

Did you know that SeaWorld San Diego celebrates Halloween in a Spooktacular way?  
Did you know that the entire month of October, kids can get into SeaWorld for free, with a full paying adult admission?  

I was not offered any monetary compensation in return for my honest opinion about our experience at the SeaWorld Spooktacular Event.  We were offered admission into the park, for the day and a breakfast prior to the launch of the event.
We got up bright and early, the kids got "READY" for their day of trick or treating around the park and we headed down to San Diego to check out all the "SPOOKY FUN" stuff that we would be seeing & enjoying at the "kick off" of the Halloween Spooktacular event at SeaWorld San Diego.yesterday.  
This blogging event offered us some delicious breakfast choices, crepes, breakfast burrito buffet, oatmeal buffet and even a cold cereal buffet.  My kid's bellies were delighted and we were ready to settle into an eventfully spooky day around the SeaWorld San Diego park.
Before we headed out into the park, we were introduced to some of the "spooky" animals that SeaWorld takes care of...and not all of them come from the SEA!  Aleera the Owl (did you know that owl's actually aren't very wise at all?), Taro the Porcupine (did you know their quills are actually kinda soft like a feather?), Simon the Alligator (who was actually a rescued pet), and Apollo the Hedgehog (who entertained my kids to the max by delivering several "SURPRISES" into the trainer's hand who was handling it).  Too funny!  My kids had the chance to ask tons of questions and learn about each one of these animals!  What an absolute blast!
Each of my kids were given a "trick or treating" bag (provided to all the trick or treater's at the park) & "make your own cookie" lunch pail and our ADVENTURE began...into the park we skipped for a fun filled day of sunshine, music, laughter, sea life and trick or treating fun!
Believe it or not, we were headed to the touch pools first (because the events didn't start till 11:00), so the kids could play with the feeder fish (despite us finding that the exhibit was closed for painting), when we bumped into Taylor.  I thought she was a DJ for the Spooktacular events, but she wasn't.  In fact, she was the biggest surprise we would have for our day.  She is an ambassador for the Parks 50th Anniversary Celebration and because we were in the RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME, she got to give the kids and I a special surprise!  She wasn't even sure what was inside our special when the GOLD SEAL was opened, we were all so excited that we got "QUICK QUEUE PREMIER" wrist bracelets.  That meant that every show (we got premiere seating) and we got to head to the "FRONT OF THE LINE" for every ride.  AWESOMENESS!  My kids had already felt pretty special being invited to the park for the day, but this was truly the ICING ON THE CAKE (my birthday cake...since I had just celebrated this week).  What a blessing & delight!
So we did have amazing seats in every show...including the "Clyde and Seamore's SPOOKY Adventure"...which we all loved and enjoyed (and we got to see the very first showing this season).
Thanks to our Quick Queue Bracelets, we rode on the Journey to Atlantis ride three times!  
And honestly, I think they would have gone ten more times!  I know they would have!
My kids stopped throughout the day to get their "TREATS" from the booths set up around the park for trick or treating, we danced to the music & took some pictures with the costumed characters and we event met a MERMAID (my girls couldn't get over how pretty she was)!  SO MUCH FUN!
We loved seeing all the other shows...too!  And our seats WERE AWESOME!  We avoided (thank goodness) the "SPLASH ZONE", yet could see all the fun details!  Up close and personal!  

As always, I am impressed with the park in general!  The kids and I love to see the PERSONAL connection between the animals and their trainers.  The respect that both give to each other!  So magestic!  So amazing!  It inspires my kids!  We left the park yesterday with at least two girls who are inspired to work with animals someday!

Yet another AMAZING DAY at SeaWorld San Diego.  Thank you!  We had a blast at your Halloween Spooktacular!  Hope we can visit again soon!

I was not paid to offer my honest opinion about the SeaWorld Park, it's Halloween Spooktacular Event or any of our interactions during the day!  We were invited to the blogging breakfast and given free admission to the park for the day, so we could experience and share with my readers what their Halloween Spooktacular is all about!