Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Wonder Years - Season One ON DVD

Oh...The Wonder Years...

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How I remember this show so fondly!  When it came out in 1988, I was only ten years old, but I remember watching it with my father, who felt like he was watching his childhood on the TV screen.  My dad was adorable like Kevin Arnold, had beautiful girlfriends like Winnie Cooper (Eunice), had a buddy like Paul Pfeiffer (Chico), a big sister like Karen (DeeAnne) and a big brother like Wayne (Duke), who used to beat him up and pick on older brothers do!
This 2 disc set, available for $19.95 SRP released October 7th, will be released for the first time, and includes six unedited episodes from the first season of the show.  It also features every song from the original broadcasts.  And these songs will get stuck in your head...even my kids sing them & enjoy the shows.  This show was just adorable and clean.  It showed young love, war, social pressures and even what it's like at a junior high dance.
Having a 7th grade son, it's fun to watch these shows with him.
This set also includes interviews with the cast members and even a bonus feature "A Wonderful Day: Highlights from the Wonder Years Cast Reunion" (from May 28th, 2014).  
This reunion might make you tear it did me!  
Plus...I seriously love the music from this show!
CLICK HERE to order your copy and enjoy all the giggles and fun that the Wonder Years brought into our homes in the 1980's and early 90's.

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