Monday, November 17, 2014

SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration 2014 PREVIEW - #ChristmasatSeaWorld

I had the honor and delight, on the launch day, to get to head to one of my MOST FAVORITE amusement parks to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the Christmas Season...this last weekend!  
It was a lot to take in...because they truly have a lot of fun going on around the park, to celebrate Christmas.

The tickets for us to preview the new shows for Christmas at Seaworld were provided by Seaworld free of charge.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest thoughts and opinions on the park, the experience or what I saw or did.
So without further ado...I give you "SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration 2014", from One Bored Mommy's perspective.
I arrived at the park and the first thing I noticed and loved was all the decorations!  They did well making sure that the park feels festive and in the Christmas spirit.  There are Christmas trees, there are lots of lights, there are poinsettias, and there are little details around every corner...even live reindeer & Santa...that make the park come alive at Christmas time.
The first stop of the day was "Dolphin Island Christmas".  This show is filled with fun music, bright costumes and lots of activity.  I am always amazed watching these animals and their trainers perform.  You can tell that each one enjoys doing their part in all the fun & excitement of the performance.  There was dolphins flipping in the air...acrobatics high diving, hula dancers dancing, and so much Christmas FUN!  I loved this show!
The next stop on the agenda was the Pets Rule Christmas show.  This is always a favorite, because I love that they have trained these rescued pets to do things that are simply unreal.  Like cats that actually do things on command (although during the performance I watched...the cat hesitated at first to walk the tight rope, but finally did it)...a pig that can do almost everything a dog can do, adorable ducks, kangaroos, so many dogs, cats, parrots and more.  This show is never dull and always fun!  They even decorated their stage, during the show, for Christmas and put together Frosty the Snowman...piece by piece with the help of the animals.  Your kids will love this show too!  I also got to pet a kangaroo (a first for me) at the end of the show...when you can meet & greet the performers.  VERY COOL!
Next...I had to play in the snow a little in their "Snow World"!  I mean...come on...I am a So. California, so I don't mind playing in long as I know I can walk away and be warmed right up by the sun again.  And trust should have seen the kids faces...everyone enjoyed their time in the snow, kids and parents alike.  Snowballs being made and thrown, the kids were sledding down a small hill, and even some families made snowmen (although this snow is not really good for making snowmen).   I played in it, for a few minutes, in my flip flops (in true Southern California fashion) and it was a blast!  I love that they have snow for all to enjoy while they are spending the day at the park.  I guarantee your kids will love it too...just don't forget to pack a pair of gloves...because the snow does get cold!
Oh...and while I was wandering the park...I met Santa.  He wasn't in costume, but he was definitely the JOLLY GUY!  He told me he was surprised I recognized him!  Too funny!
The Clyde and Seamore Christmas Special was as entertaining, if not more, as always.  In fact, I really enjoyed the fact that they included their "pre-entertainment" guy Biff in the entire performance, because he was great and everyone in the crowd loved him!  The performers and Sea lions did an amazing job and made the crowd laugh and cheer! 
 We even watched the ball drop and celebrated New Years...a little early, during the show!
Because I was there for this PREVIEW...I was invited to an exclusive dinner, where not only did I get to eat some delicious things for dinner...but also got the chance to chit chat with the Executive Chef for SeaWorld/Aquatica.  Not only is he a nice guy, but he really has a drive to bring a better overall "food experience" to this amusement park.  If you've been to SeaWorld, you know what I'm talking about.  They have an excellent variety of things to enjoy...and most is not the traditional, boring amusement park cuisine.  They even have specialty Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cart (yes, I ate a brie and cranberry sandwich that melted in your mouth) in the park for your taste bud satisfaction.  They have amazing freshly baked cinnamon rolls with bacon on top.  YUM!  The food was definitely not your ordinary amusement park really "GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" when it comes to the cuisine at SeaWorld...because we all know that eating at the park can get quite pricey.
The Shamu Christmas Miracles Show brought tears to my eyes and chills to my body (my pictures do not do justice to the magic that's involved in this production).  No joke!  For some reason the Shamu Show always tugs at my heart strings anyway...but especially this one.  They included the message of the true "reason" we celebrate Christmas in their show...which is the TRUE MIRACLE behind why we celebrate Christmas.  This warmed my heart to no end!  It's nice to see a park take a stand and explain the true reason Christmas is CHRISTMAS!  The show was amazing...the performers (both in the water and on stage) dazzled the audience.  The live singer and her choir that filled the stairs with music, made the culmination of the show an amazing experience.  You honestly can't leave that show not feeling a little Christmas Spirit and Joy in your hearts.  Tis the Season...

My entire day at SeaWorld was filled with smiles, fun, laughter, great entertainment, all of my senses were engaged and it left lasting memories...for me...until the next time I get to visit again!

If you are in the area of a SeaWorld and have the chance to check out their Christmas Celebration this year...I would highly recommend it!  It's more than just a "day at the park"...

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the tickets and meal provided for us to spend the day at the park!  I was not offered any monetary compensation for writing this review of their Christmas Celebration shows.