Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Day He Met HelioSledge - His @HeroMeLab Hero

What type of SUPERHERO would your son create if he had the choice?  
Would he pick a hero that had super strength?  
Would he pick a hero who had super speed?  
Maybe even super agility or defense?  

The product was sent to me, via a gift code, free of charge for this review/feature by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinions about this product!
Being a mommy of two boys, I know how much our boys LOVE a GOOD HERO!  So when our youngest had the opportunity to not only "CREATE" his own super hero, through his vivid, but also see him come to our house in DOLL FORM...he was beyond excited & delighted and so was I!
So two weeks ago, we logged on and created his super hero on (who he named HelioSledge...because he has a Helicopter arm and Sledge Hammer leg) with a few clicks of the mouse.  
He created him (piece by piece) as we got to see & chose which pieces made him stronger in which areas of attack mode/method!  
He gave him his SUPERHERO name "HelioSledge"!  
He picked just how old he is and what his "everyday average name" is..."Brick Shield".
 He totally personalized his NEW HERO FRIEND from start to finish!

Then the internal clock in our little guy...started ticking...and tocking...and everyday he was waiting to see if his HeroMeLab HERO had arrived yet.  He literally asked me everyday, as he waited for him to make his appearance in physical form.
He was beyond delighted yesterday, when he arrived home from school, to see that HelioSledge had made it safely (no shock, he is a super hero after all) to our house.  
He was purely delighted!
He came packaged in a cool rocket style box (which honestly probably won't last too long with a rough and tough guy playing with it).  He came with a "fill in" book, that we started filling out...with information about him and the adventures he will take.  He came with an ID card too.
Best of all, HelioSledge is made of hard plastic and will probably be a family heirloom that he can pass down to his son someday.  This is a special toy.  Yes, it's to play with, but it's also something to treasure!  Not only is he a super awesome SUPER HERO...but our little guy designed him, a part of him is in this hero doll.  With his helicopter arm and sledgehammer leg, he is destined to have many, many adventures with our son.  
Not only him, but his son and probably even his grandson...because this doll was built to last!
This is an investment (it is a personalized toy) that was well worth the time, the imagination and the wait!
Have you checked out HeroMeLab yet?  
CLICK HERE to check it out!  

If you are stumped on Christmas presents or birthday presents for your "hard to buy for" little guy...consider gifting him the opportunity to create his own superhero, from the comfort of your at home computer...that will arrive at your door, ready for years and years of play time.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!