Thursday, November 13, 2014

Which Scent Will Be Your HOLIDAY Favorite? SoftSoap Limited Edition Body Washes Have Arrived!

Tis the smell like the season?  Maybe that isn't all that bad...right?  I mean, I love the scent of why wouldn't I love washing and moisturizing my body with something that leaves me with the scent of peppermint...long after my showering?

All products were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by offering my honest opinion about these products!
I always love how SoftSoap offers "Limited Edition" lines during the holidays.  
This year...I received samples of three of their new Seasonal "Limited Edition" moisturizing body washes:
Alpine Mint Frost - That offers the scent of a Cool Winter Mint  (basically candy-cane).  This is my favorite of the three.  Tis the we might as well embrace the peppermint scent and let your body enjoy the benefits of the softsoap moisturizing wash.  I LOVE THIS ONE!  Of course, I will probably only use it around the holidays...not sure smelling like peppermint year round would work out so well.
Parisian Berry Bliss - This one offers the scent of Red Winter Berries.  This is my runner up scent.  It smells delightful.  Not necessarily of the holidays (at least it didn't to me), but the berries are sweet and fragrant, and it sort of reminds me of raspberries.  
I would use this seasonal body wash year round.
Venetian Vanilla Spice - This one offers the scent of Sweet Vanilla and Spices.  Oddly enough, this was my least favorite of the three, and normally vanilla things are my favorite.  Not sure I think the "spice" mixture they added to the vanilla scent did anything for me.  In fact, I really didn't like the smell of this moisturizing body wash at be honest.
Regardless, of my personal opinions, you can find these SEASONAL Limited Edition moisturizing body washes in a store near enjoy during the holidays.  Enjoy the benefits of a softer skin this winter and the delight of a holiday scent to linger on your skin, long after you shower.

CLICK HERE to learn more about SoftSoap and all the products that they offer!  I'd be curious to know, which one is your favorite Seasonal Scent.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent by Colgate-Palmolive for this review/feature!