Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Born To Be Wild - Kate Mack Girl's Wild Princess Pleather Jacket

My girls...they are so much fun to dress!  They always have been!  They came home from the hospital with bows on their heads and matching outfits & blankets.  As they get older, they get personalities all of their own and a fashion sense that fits each one perfectly.  My oldest daughter has a "rougher" edge when it comes to her dress code.  She prefers skinny jeans, not as much pink in her wardrobe (she prefers more neutrals) and is more content with less blingy fashion options.

All product for this review/feature were sent free of charge!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about this product!

So when we received a "biker style" jacket from Kate Mack
I knew it would be the perfect match for her particular "fashion" style!
Yes...this Kate Mack Girl's Wild Princess Pleather Jacket does have some bling (rhinestones) on the backside...but the jacket is pretty simple in style, and has the adorable size zip zipper & ruffled elastic bottom.  
It's so cute, right??
The only complaint I have with this jacket is sleeve length, because it fits her perfectly everywhere...except the sleeves.  We got a size 10, which is the size she wears in tops, and sometimes the sleeve length is even long her...but this jacket doesn't have much grow room (in fact, the arms are already sorta short) for her for this winter.  
So keep in mind that this style jacket does run a little small, at least in the sleeve length.
I do love the rhinestone tiara on the back, the ruffles at the bottom and the adorable angled side zipper.  I wish this jacket came in my size...because I'd buy one to match hers.  

Keep in mind, they are a boutique brand...so their prices reflect that...but you get what you pay for!  Their styles aren't something you can find in a generic department store and your sweet princess will love their fashion line too.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Levana "Stella" Video Monitor - Keeping An Eye On Them Even As They Grow

It's funny, when you watch a National Geographic show about animals and their young, it's amazing how protective & chivalrous MOTHERS are for their offspring.  And I'm not just talking about newborn babies...though mommies are obviously extra protective at that stage in life.  As humans, we too should be equally, if not more protective of our young.  So when it comes to helping you learn about products that will make your home a more safe, easy flowing atmosphere, I am all about it!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinions about this product!

When Levana contacted me about doing a review for their Stella 2 Camera Video Monitor, I thought to myself, "I don't have a baby anymore...why do I need to review a baby monitor?"  
But then I really started thinking about it...

How many nights have I heard sounds coming from one of their rooms, and instead of getting up, turning on a light and disturbing my sleeping children's peaceful slumber, I could (thanks to this awesome system) simply look at a monitor to check the situation out and go back to sleep myself, knowing all is calm in my house?  
What a huge blessing that would be to both me and the kids.

It would bring peace of mind! 
It would bring a new sense of security!  
It would offer a sense of "protection" over my babies while they sleep at night.
So after receiving this Levana Stella 2 Camera Video Monitor system, I will have to tell you, it's awesome! It was super easy to install, I had it working in about 5 minutes (despite the lack of instructions) and most of the functions are very easy to figure out!

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO to learn a little bit more:

I've installed a camera in both of the kid's bedrooms (because it came with two) and I love them!  Not only can I keep an eye on my kids (top and bottom bunks) when I first tuck them into bed (because that's when they want to chit chat and NOT go to sleep), but I can also carry the monitor upstairs with me (I love the portability) when I go to bed and will hear any disturbance that could be going on in either room (because there are two cameras).  I LOVE THAT!  I can also talk to the kids (to remind them it's time to go to sleep), via the monitor, to calm them down & soothe them back to sleep...and I can pan the room, with the touch of a button, to make sure there is nothing intruding their nightly rest.  This system is also great for when "sickness" hits our home and one or all of them are stuck in bed, while they recover.  
This system is perfect for new parents, who want to have a couple different angles to view their baby in the middle of the night.  The monitor responds to the first Peep of noise and when using this system, the battery can last up to 36 hours.  It also offers amazing LED night vision, so you'll confidently be able to keep a solid watch on your newborn baby as they sleep in a dark room.  It even offers a couple different "tunes" to lull your baby to sleep with.  And as your child grows, this system can be used to watch "play time" in areas of the house you are not in, at that moment.  You can use it to monitor outside play, if you're in the house making dinner, etc.  
The list goes on and on for how this system is so much more than a "baby monitor".

CLICK HERE to learn more about this Levana "Stella" 2 Camera Video Monitor and perhaps you should consider gifting this to a new mommy...before her bundle of joy arrives.  She will thank you, because she will use this well beyond the first few months of her baby's life.  

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dole No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls - A CONFIDENT Lunch Snack PACKED!

Packing lunches for my kids is a daily thing I do!  I enjoy finding snacks that I can pack them, that are not only yummy, but healthy for them too.  All too often, the yummy snacks offer lots of fat, sugar or ingredients that are not good for their growing bodies.  So I am always excited to stumble across (or be introduced) to something new...something that can be sent during the week to offer their growing bodies some nutrition and also satisfy their sweet tooth.

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by offering my honest opinion about the products sent for this review/feature!
When I was contacted to try out the all new "Dole No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls", there was no way I was going to say NO.  Plus, if my kids enjoy these new fruit bowls, I will definitely be interested in buying more for their lunches for the remainder of the school year.  
Plus, don't you want to know if they are something you should buy for your family??
My youngest daughter volunteered to be my taste tester for this review/feature! 
She started with the Diced Peaches and she liked them...a lot!  She proceeded to gobble down the entire little bowl.  No worries for this mommy...because it offers her a low calorie snack, that is sweetened with monk fruit concentrate.  I asked her if they tasted "NORMAL" and she said yes...as she continued eating them.  She didn't seem to mind that they weren't sweetened with any high sugar or artificial sweetener.  AWESOME!

Next, it was the Mandarin Oranges turn.  Now, I noticed a difference with them, at least from the appearance standpoint.  Instead of being solid orange sections, like they typically are when they come out of a can or other fruit cups...it appeared that the oranges were almost "shredded" or disintegrated.  I'm not sure if the monk fruit concentrate broke down the sections or what...but she didn't seem to mind at all.  She gobbled them down, said they tasted normal & were good, she loved them and was all finished and wanting more.  HA!

I'd say, all in all, these Dole No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls will make an awesome addition to the lunch packing routine I've already had in place for this school year.  
Just throw in a fruit bowl and a spoon and they have a healthy dessert for their jam packed school day.  LOVE IT!

Thanks Dole for creating healthy options for our family!  CLICK HERE to learn more about these No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get Ready For The Holidays - Watch The Iesodo "JOY" DVD As A Family

As you know, watching "family friendly" movies with my babies is something I thoroughly enjoy!  Movie Nights give us a reason to cuddle, turn the lights off (the kids love it when we have a movie theater setting), make some fresh popped popcorn and enjoy a movie we can all appreciate watching.

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinions about this product!

I just received the latest in the Iesodo movies line, "JOY"(in stores now).  Perfect viewing for our next "family movie night"!   Not sure if you remember or not, but I introduced you to these videos (CLICK HERE) and they are ones that I would recommend for families with small children for sure.

This all new DVD offers the "re-imagining" of the Nativity story, with Iesodo (the white wise dove who's name means "The Way Of Jesus") and his feathered friends.  As a story most of us cherish, the movie, along with the fun holiday carols and all new songs will have your family getting into the spirit of JOY...as the upcoming holidays approach.

This DVD also offers bonus features:
Bible Connection with Pastor Tim
Christmas at Natalie's Nest
Bible Verses
Christmas Sing-A-Long
and even a Discussion Guide

As you know, this story is both beautiful and inspiring.  You and your children will be touched with this animated presentation of the Nativity story!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Iesodo DVD's and see if these is a movie you're family will enjoy as well!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Wonder Years - Season One ON DVD

Oh...The Wonder Years...

All products were sent free of charge for this review/feature!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by writing my honest opinions about this show or this DVD release!

How I remember this show so fondly!  When it came out in 1988, I was only ten years old, but I remember watching it with my father, who felt like he was watching his childhood on the TV screen.  My dad was adorable like Kevin Arnold, had beautiful girlfriends like Winnie Cooper (Eunice), had a buddy like Paul Pfeiffer (Chico), a big sister like Karen (DeeAnne) and a big brother like Wayne (Duke), who used to beat him up and pick on him...like older brothers do!
This 2 disc set, available for $19.95 SRP released October 7th, will be released for the first time, and includes six unedited episodes from the first season of the show.  It also features every song from the original broadcasts.  And these songs will get stuck in your head...even my kids sing them & enjoy the shows.  This show was just adorable and clean.  It showed young love, war, social pressures and even what it's like at a junior high dance.
Having a 7th grade son, it's fun to watch these shows with him.
This set also includes interviews with the cast members and even a bonus feature "A Wonderful Day: Highlights from the Wonder Years Cast Reunion" (from May 28th, 2014).  
This reunion might make you tear up...like it did me!  
Plus...I seriously love the music from this show!
CLICK HERE to order your copy and enjoy all the giggles and fun that the Wonder Years brought into our homes in the 1980's and early 90's.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

@Mabelhood - Mabel's Labels NEW ADDITION - "The Baby Combo" Has Arrived

As you know, I am a mommy who is rather fond of personalizing things!  Especially with four kids, keeping track of who's stuff is who's is very important...even as my kids get older!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about the products being reviewed/featured!
But when they were infants, it was crucial to me!  Why?  Babies like to share things with other babies.  When I used to drop my babies off in the church nursery, it was nice knowing that my kid's had their stuff labeled...PLAIN AS DAY...so that those watching my sweet ones, would be able to identify if my child had their rightful cup.  As you know, babies are major germ spreaders...and sharing cups in a church nursery is SUPER COMMON!

That's why I loved Mabel's Labels.  And now...they have their newest addition to their label combos..."THE BABY COMBO" which is a MUST HAVE for any new mommy or mommy of an infant/toddler.  TRUST ME...you're going to want to order these!  
With new colors & new adorable icons to choose from too!
My niece's name is on the labels I received...why?  She just had her first visit to the church nursery, at her church in Texas and her auntie wants to make sure that, just like with my babies, she has her rightful sippy cup at snack time in her class.  
(I used the shoe label on the sippy cup, because of the shape of the cup and to make it look a little different than the others she will have)

Of course, her diaper bag needs to be clearly labeled too, so the metal name tag (with cupcake design) is super adorable and her mommy is going to love having it on her diaper bag.  Plus, the colors are super girlie and this really shows off her adorable name!

This combo comes with enough labels to label all your infant/toddler's sippy cups, toys, shoes, diaper bag and more.  
These labels last through dish washing and even years of use.  I LOVE THEM and I know my sister is going to too!  They are super durable, absolutely adorable and will keep your child's personal things (even special toys, lovies, etc.) labeled and personalized & hopefully will help you keep from loosing them or them falling into someone else's hands.

If you have a friend or relative that has a new baby...or perhaps you do and you're desperate to stop the GERM SHARING and keep your child's things personalized and hopefully in their rightful hands, you need to order Mabel's Labels.

CLICK HERE to check out "THE BABY COMBO" and all the other great labels and products that Mabel's Labels offers!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hip Baby Wrap - Nursing And Baby Wearing TO THE COMFORTABLE MAX!

My baby wearing and nursing days are a thing of the past!  *SNIFF* *SNIFF*  
But I've been there, done that...and loved every single second of it!  
There is nothing more soothing (in my opinion) to a new mommy...than once you've gotten the hang of nursing...and being able to do it modestly, in public, with confidence.  And there is nothing like "wearing your baby" on your chest and the feeling of warmth and comfort...when that baby is soothed and sleeping to your heart beat.

All products sent for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products!
So when Hip Baby Wrap sent me their two products...I was excited to check them out, for mommies to be and mommies who already are (and need products like this).

The Hip Baby Wrap is made out of woven cotton material.  This is different than other wraps I've used in the past, mainly because the other's were made out of stretchy cotton.  I'll admit, I was a little leery, because I wasn't sure that this wrap would be comfortable for a baby.  However, after I managed through wrapping up my daughter's "bitty baby" in this wrap, I realized that it does give in all the right places.  The material does stretch and breath differently than stretchy cotton, but it's still cozy and sturdy...and can give the mommies wearing it, confidence that their baby is safe, secured and comfortable as can be.  If you've never worn your baby before, it's an experience you'll want to have.  It takes a little while to get the hang of actually "wrapping", but once you've figured out how...it's like second nature.  You can wear this wrap several different ways, as a front, back and hip carry.  All of which your child will enjoy, depending on their age and personality.  My youngest, loved being carried on my chest and would stay asleep for hours (I wore him two days straight to amusement parks, which he slept through the entire time).
The Hip Baby Nursing Poncho is colorful, roomy and fabulous. Since I don't actually have a nursing baby to try it with, I again used my daughter's "bitty baby" as an example and there is plenty of room in this nursing poncho to feed a newborn on up to toddler.  It is made of the same woven fabric as the Hip Baby Wrap and I think that as your baby gets older, it will enjoy nursing under this poncho, because it fits in a way that doesn't really make the baby feel covered.  My babies never liked being covered when nursing.  It got hot, dark and they squirmed and screamed.  There's no guarantee that this Nursing Poncho will bring a different result, but I don't see any reason this poncho wouldn't be a fabulous "new mommy" gift for a soon to be nursing mom.

Both products are machine washable, can be used for newborns on up, and would both be great "gifts" for an expecting or NEW mom!  
I will admit, the price of these products is a little high, but you are paying for a boutique product...so keep that in mind!  And these are both products that will last through more than one baby, if having a larger family is on your agenda!

CLICK HERE to learn more about both products on their website!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!