Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Is Your Little One Struggling With Reading? Help Them Be A "Reading Champ" Too...

Our youngest son has truly no desire to learn to read.   He doesn't! Our oldest son never really did either!  It's like pulling teeth to work through his sight word list...he even tells me I'm torturing him (where he learned that word, I have no idea) when I make him do this fluency reading, etc.  It's a struggle, as a parent, to not push too hard...yet still make sure he's doing what is required and meeting his goals for his grade.  
He's smart...and is capable (I don't believe we have any learning issues), he just truly has no desire to read.

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So when I was contacted to do a review of a book that was written to encourage parents and even teachers on how to make the process of "teaching reading made easy"...I had to see what it was all about.  I mean...if this book could be my "easy fix" for our little guys reading struggles...this was a total answer to prayer too...and I had to pass it on and share it with my readers as well.
Reading Champs, by Rita M. Wirtz, MA arrived and honestly, I was a little overwhelmed with the book.  I am not a teacher.  I have no formal college education.  I am, however, a mommy who wants her little guy to learn to read...as simply and easily on both of us as possible.  
So as intimidating as the book seemed...I dove in...for the both of us.
Having this book on hand...even in the years to come with him, will be very handy.  Why?  It explains the teaching methods of things like suffixes, diphthongs (what the heck is that?) and long vowels.  Honestly, our English language is a bit confusing, when things are silent, things make two different sounds, etc.  I can understand why children really struggle with reading and writing.  I know our oldest son thanks the GOOD LORD for spell check on the computer, when he's writing papers for his middle school work.  
This book is written so that even a person like me, who is lacking more FORMAL education, can understand and really use the processes in helping the ones who are struggling with this, to learn.
This winter break, we have been working on sight words...and he seems to be improving quite a bit.  Maybe somethings clicking or maybe the repetition is working?  Who knows...  
I am encouraged though!  I know there is no miracle cure, and honestly...books can be written and taught, but applying them and then seeing them actually work with so many different types of people (learners) in this world...is person specific.  I like what I have learned so far, and I haven't made it through the entire book yet.  I am hoping that by educating myself, it will help him in his learning process.  
We shall see...because as we know...nothing is an EASY FIX in life!

CLICK HERE to learn more about "Reading Champs" and perhaps you will be encouraged by this as well, if you're struggling with a child who is having issues with learning to read.  

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the book sent for this review/feature!