Thursday, January 22, 2015

PS Aeropostale - SPRING 2015 COLLECTION Feature

Our oldest daughter has a style all of her own!  She is very particular about what she will and won't wear!  She has always been that way! Our youngest daughter is pretty easy going when it comes to her clothes (as long as they fit comfortably), but the oldest is all about "HER" style.

I am a VIP for PS Aeropostale.  I have the opportunity to spend $100 (gift card), to share with my readers about their newest lines as they arrive in store.  I was not offered any other monetary compensation by posting our honest opinions on their clothing line and products.

One store that she is absolutely addicted to & obsessed with PS Aeropostale.  
She loves their style!  
She loves their look!  
She loves their clothes!  
She loves pretty much loves & wants everything they have in their store.
So being a VIP for PS Aeropostale was simply a treat for our whole family!  Why?  Because she's not the only one that loves their products.  I love their boys line, for our little guy (our oldest is too big for their clothes now, but he does wear Aeropostale clothes) and our youngest daughter loves what her big sister loves (she looks up to her so much).  So it's pretty safe to say, we never have a problem finding something they each want, when we shop their website or in their stores.
So since SPRING is quickly approaching (where the heck did winter go already?), PS Aeropostale is gearing up for a very fashionable spring.   Which means my kids are too! In fact, we had a hard time choosing and selecting products from their SPRING 2015 collection, because there was so much that delighted our girls and even our trendsetter little guy.
We fell in love with these Kids' Metallic Heart Graphic T (in red)for the girls for Valentine's Day and the kids' psny diamond graphic t  (in Red) for the little guy to wear on Valentine's Day!  
Our sweethearts will look extra sweet in these tees! 
And of course, the girls Valentine's outfits would not be complete without these adorable kids' candy hearts crew socks.  How sweet, right?  Every girl loves some cute accessories and PS Aeropostale offers plenty of options there too.
Our little guy will look amazing, as the weather warms up and he wears these awesome tees to school and even to the beach this summer: kids' los angeles graphic tkids' nyc 1987 graphic t, and kids' nyc circle graphic t.  The funniest part to me is that, he has lived on the West and East Coasts...and visited both places (LA and NYC), so these tees are perfect for him.
And our girls will be "EXTRA" sweet wearing these adorable tops this SPRING!  I mean, how SUGARY SWEET are these tops: kids' cat treat graphic tkids' puppy polka dot graphic t, and kids' long sleeve xo tee?
These tees are even cuter in person!  Take my word for it!  
They look even more adorable on our girls! LOVE THEM!

Have you ever shopped PS Aeropostale?  
Their clothing is stylish, trendy and washes up well too.  It's built for tough kids who "WEAR" their clothes hard.  They are always offering sales (awesome sales), discounts and their clearance has some amazing maybe you could stock up for next year?  
Just's always good to plan ahead and save some money in the long run!

CLICK HERE and get shopping now...
Their prices are so awesome, they will sell out fast!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was offered a $100 gift card to shop their online store, in return for my honest opinion of their products when they arrived.