Thursday, February 5, 2015

Clark The Shark Books - "Takes Heart" and "Tooth Trouble"

I have a love of books & reading!  What I have found, in my many years of book books are heavy and hard to move by the box loads, but they leave a lasting impression on your brain, and they become hard to part with (especially ones you love). 

All products were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by offering my honest opinion about these books.

No matter if the story is short or long...or whether you like it or not...if you take the time to read a will remember what it says.  Now...if I could just teach my children to have the same passion about reading and books that I have...
It's been awhile, but that's why I love doing reviews for Harper-Collins Children's Books, because we get the chance to check out books as they make their arrivals on the bookshelves across the US.  

We received two "Clark the Shark" books to read and review/feature:

Clark the Shark "Takes Heart" tells the story of Clark the Shark, who has a crush on a girl at school.  At first he thinks he can impress her by winning, but she doesn't pay attention.  Then he thinks if he's a hero, that will impress her.  But that didn't work either. Then he tried making a "big show" by making a banner across her locker...but it was ruined before she could see it.  Then he realizes that sometimes "BIG" isn't always best!  Instead he found a tiny pink heart shaped shell and gave it to her for her birthday and she loved it.  And his sweet, tiny gesture worked better for him than any grand scheme he tried.  This book is for ages 4-8 and I simply loved the message!
Clark the Shark "Tooth Trouble" tells the story about Clark the Shark, who has to visit the dentist after his tooth gets knocked loose playing soccer.  As you know...sharks are not lacking teeth...but this is an issue that must be addressed by the dentist. His friends say things that make him worried and concerned, but his mother encourages him that going to the dentist will be a good thing,  She encourages him that there is nothing to be afraid of.   Despite his efforts to avoid going in, he eventually is forced into the dentist chair.  When the dentist arrives, she's small (not intimidating at all), a juggler and someone who plays happy music.  She asks him questions and distracts him while she works on his mouth.  She pulls his tooth without any issue and Clark can share with his friends that going to the dentist is not that big of a deal after all.  This book is an easy read, level 1 book and it's adorable!

Both of these Clark the Shark Books are well written, entertaining and something your children will enjoy being read to or reading on their own to you.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!