Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Start Your Day With @PremierProtein #MyGoodEnergy

Not sure about you, but my weekday mornings start out very early!  
When that alarm sounds, I have to hop out of bed, ready to face the day...

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company!  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products.

I typically start my morning out with a nice hot cup of coffee...or two, depending on just how much of a kick start I need.  What about you?
So what if I started my morning out a little different?  What if I tried something new instead!  What if I actually ate something for breakfast?  Something that will not only help my body "wake up" in a healthier way, but without the cups of coffee to get moving and keep going throughout my busy day. 
 Would I be willing to make that change?
I was delighted to receive a box full of samples from Premier Protein.  
It was an assortment of their Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Fiber Bars and 30G Bars.  
After refrigerating the protein drinks, because I don't like room temperature drinks, I was excited to try them out.  My favorite?  The chocolate shake of course...but they were all tasty.  I was also pleased because they offer so much muscles are going to be swimming in delight.  Plus, they are only 160 calories (even though they taste like a SPLURGE) and are low in fat, with only one gram of sugar.  
SUPER YUMMY & better for me than coffee!
I have not tried all the Fiber Bars, but my favorite so far is the Chocolate Mint Fiber Bar.  Why?  The mixture of Chocolate and Mint always tantalizes my taste buds in the best of ways.  This bar is packed with 15 grams of protein and is an excellent source of fiber...which means that it will keep my body in check, making sure everything is flowing through properly.

The 30G bars are packed with 30G's of protein.  I'll call that PROTEIN PACKED!  The Chocolate Peanut Butter bar is my favorite.  Why?  I love the mixture of chocolate and peanut butter...and instead of seeming healthy, made me feel like I was having a little sweet treat.

If you're looking for a way to start out your day, or even for a mid-day snack (this is perfect for me to take to work with me) that will keep your body energized and your muscles should check out the entire Premier Protein line.  

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I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!