Saturday, May 30, 2015

How Our Garden Grows - Come See...

Gardening requires time & patience!
Gardening requires consistency! 
Gardening requires a passion!
Gardening requires love and TLC!
Gardening requires maintenance and care!

This post is of my own free opinion!  I was not offered any sponsorship or compensation by posting my honest opinions and thoughts about gardening or parenting!
Gardening is a lot like parenting!  As I watch our back patio garden grow and flourish, I always correlate it to parenting.  If you take the time, apply patience, provide lots of love, some tender loving care and maintenance too (sometimes this is in pruning back or shaping them in the direction they should lean)...then your garden will grow healthily and mature positively!  
I love it!  As you can see...our garden is growing beautifully!
We actually have fresh lettuce and spinach!  
Our pepper plants are growing nicely and even our squash plants have survived the snails!
We have red raspberries daily!  A sweet, juicy, delicate treat!
We have a tiny lemon that we can't wait to see grow and finally turn yellow, so we can taste it.
We have tiny tomatoes growing!
We even have some pretty flowers for our hummingbird friends!

Seeing this garden grow on a daily basis has been good medicine to my soul!  
It gives me a daily moment of solace, as I'm watering and tending to my plants.  
It gives me time to be in the silent of the morning!  
It gives me yet another reason to THANK GOD for the constant blessings in my life.  
As I watch this garden grown, and as we say goodbye to a very successful (probably the best one yet) school year...I am pleased!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated at all by posting about my backyard patio garden (all plants purchased on my own accord)!