Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What This Story Needs Is A Pig In A Wig - ADORABLE!

As you know, we love books in this home!  
The more we read, the more we learn and grow! 

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And since we still have an "early" reader in our home...who is still learning the basics of reading...I love books that build his confidence as he reads!  I've learned, from having four kids, the harder time they have reading...the less they enjoy the experience.  
Books that they can pick up and confidently read from the beginning...are a big WIN around here!
So when this book arrived...I knew it would be a book that our little guy would not only love, but also "hopefully" love reading too...because he should be able to read it on his own.
What This Story Needs Is A Pig In A Wig by Emma J. Virjan is an adorable story about a pig.  Bet you never guessed that, right?  Pig is on a boat ride, joined by all kinds of fun friends, having fun in the sun.  Pig realizes that life is a lot more fun with friends and in the end finds a solution so everyone wins.
This book is an easy and fun read!  
All of us enjoyed this adorable short & sweet story.

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