Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#StarWarsCereal Your Favorite General Mills Cereal And Star Wars... @GeneralMills

STAR WARS return to the big screen, in a big way this winter!

This year, one of the biggest movies will be hitting the big screen and our oldest son is so excited about it!  We've watched the trailers and talked about the other movies and now we just have to wait for "THE FORCE" to arrive!  Though he may not be the very first in line for the premier...he will definitely be desperate (and probably begging us) to see it as soon as it's in the theater.

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So when we had the chance to receive a couple boxes of the General Mills Big G "specially marked" boxes of cereal, that included a Classic Star Wars poster inside, I knew that both of my boys would be thrilled.  This is not the first time General Mills has teamed up with Star Wars either!  Our youngest son loves pretty much everything our oldest son loves! Though this might drive him a little bonkers at times, it's because he admires and wants to be like his big brother.

They sent us an extra poster, and we just happened to receive two boxes of cereal that had the same poster (Phantom Menace).  But neither of our boys were disappointed.  In fact, they were very happy with their new posters...especially since they each got one of the same posters.  Our youngest son exclaimed, "I'm going to hang this above my bed so I can see it before I go to sleep every night!"  Plus, I couldn't open these boxes of cereal fast enough for these growing boys, so they could eat the contents inside!
Be on the lookout for these "SPECIALLY MARKED" boxes of General Mills Cereal and grab a couple for your Star Wars fans to enjoy too.  
It's going to make their daily breakfast experience little bit of a more exciting...as they anticipate the new movie and drift off into... "a long time ago, in a galaxy far...far away!"

CLICK HERE to learn more about these Classic Star Wars Posters inside each specially marked box of General Mills Cereal.

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