Monday, September 7, 2015

The Flame Sweet And Spicy Drink @TheFlameMixer

This weekend was more ways than one!
I tried drinking something that was pretty spicy too!  
A PEPPER style drink!
It was sweet and spicy all in the same sip of the drink.
And yes...this drink is completely 100% family friendly!

All products for this review/feature were purchased on my own behalf.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by offering my honest opinion on these products.  
A friendly guy, had a little booth set up outside of a store that carried products that all had some sort of HEAT (pepper heat) to them.  He was offering samples of this "juice like product".  It was called "The FLAME" sweet & spicy cocktail mixer.  When we walked by the first time, I was leery about tasting them...because I didn't want to regret drinking something weird like this.  Especially something that would make my mouth burn for the rest of the day.   You never know with these types of products!  The product rep was really nice, and even suggested that the kids would enjoy it too (non-alcoholic) we all had a little taste test.  Once we tried the first flavor (Mango), we had to try the rest...they were that good!   We tried the Watermelon and the Coconut Lime as well and all three were pretty awesome! We walked off buying nothing...but after shopping around, we went back and had to buy some to enjoy for the rest of our afternoon!  
We were sold!  
Not just me...we all were!  Literally!
Oddly enough, the thing about this beverage that I find the weirdest and coolest of all, is that when you drink it, your mouth never really senses the spiciness until you swallow.  You can hold a mouth full of this sweet ice cold beverage in your mouth and your tongue will not burn, it just doesn't!  However, when you swallow, it's the back of your throat that actually catches the burn on the way down.  It's not a horrible burn...but a fun burn!  In the heat of the day, this beverage was not only totally favorite was the Mango flavor, but it has a kick (that just hits you in the back of the throat) that kind of gives you an odd little boost.  
It's pretty awesome!  That's why I am writing about it!  
I'd totally drink more!  
The Flame can be mixed with alcohol, as a mixer...but we drank it the way it was (completely non-alcoholic) and we loved it!   
It will leave you wanting more.  At least it did for us!

CLICK HERE to learn more about this product and where you can buy yourself a few to taste test too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was not compensated in any way by posting my opinions about these products.  We purchased the products, after a taste test sampling outside of a store and I had to share my thoughts.