Monday, October 5, 2015

Lumination Glow Stick Markers - GLOWING GOOD TIME!

Kids love all things that glow!  
That's why GLOW STICKS are such a huge hit!

All products for this review/feature were sent free of charge by the company.  I was not offered any monetary compensation by posting my honest opinion about these products.

So what if I could tell you about a product that took something your kids already love and turned it into a creatively fun activity that will last a few hours after?  
Does this sound like something your kids would enjoy playing with?
We received three Lumination Glow Stick Markers to try out!
After following the simple instructions of snapping the tube, shaking and then drawing with these fun glowing markers...we were all in awe of the bright, creative fun.
They really do glow brightly...and they come with felt stickers, so you can attach them to clothing, skateboards, etc.  I think these would be super fun for an outdoor sporting event (football, soccer, etc), to cheer your team on!  You simply crack, shake and draw!  The design you create with the glowing ink will last up to a couple hours.  The thicker you draw your design, the longer it lasts and glows for. 
 It even comes with a plastic lanyard to make it into a necklace.
These Glow Stick Markers will intrigue and encourage your kids creativity.  We were entertained for about 15 minutes, drawing on the sidewalk and creating our designs.  And of course, enjoying the glowing after effects too.  These are not recommended for use on skin and can stain fabrics and clothing...which is why they come with the felt stickers.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this product and where you can buy your children some.  
These would make super fun stocking stuffers for Christmas too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for this review/feature!