Do you want to learn the art of baking? Well, that’s good to know because there are very few Indian Moms who are curious to learn baking too along with the regular cooking.

Even I get bored out of just cooking spicy dishes that why I ran out and mastered the art of baking in an OTG Oven. If you want to conquer it too, make sure you keep reading my blog OneBoredMommy. Let’s begin!

Basics of Using an OTG Oven

Baking in an OTG is a professional task that can be only mastered when you dedicatedly spend your time experimenting on your OTG Oven.

If you are serious in learning the art of baking, you must read this complete post as it is a complete dedicated guide on Basics of using an OTG Oven for Baking.

Selecting an OTG Oven

Most of the OTG Ovens in the Indian market are good enough for you to start learning the basics. But if you want to go from a beginner to advanced level, you have to research and select the right OTG Oven for your needs.

Experts from The Oven Guide researched the whole Indian market and listed out the best OTG oven in India in this guide. In case you find it difficult to choose the best option from the crowd, just go through this guide at least once.

Understanding Filaments

Do you know what is the main difference between a microwave oven and an OTG Oven? Let me tell you, basically a microwave oven has a convection fan installed in it which distributes the heat inside of the oven.

Whereas in case of an OTG, there are two filaments installed, one at the top and the other one at bottom that allows the even distribution of heat inside the cavity.

Also, these days, a lot of OTG ovens come along with convection fan features too, so if you want the availability of the convection features too, go for the model that comes with it.


If you are a complete beginner at baking or using an oven, you might be wondering what is preheating? Why do we have to preheat an oven for baking? Well, here’s a quick answer for you.

Basically, when the OTG is set to off, the temperature inside it is the room temperature that is outside of the cavity too. There’s no major difference between the temperatures.

A lot of baking and cooking recipes needs the oven to get heated at a certain temperature before you put your dish plate in. Whereas, there are some recipes available too that you can prepare in a cold OTG too, you can place your dish before heating the oven.

But as most of the dishes require a certain temperature, I highly recommend you to preheat your oven for at least 15-20 minutes before preparing a new dish in your oven.

Basic Baking Rules

Before you begin to bake your first cake or cookie, you must know some basic rules of baking and using an OTG. Here is a quick overview around what are the important things that you must keep in mind while baking.

  • Always double check the temperature at which your recipe needs to get cooked.
  • Make sure to preheat the OTG depending upon the dish you’re preparing.
  • After preheating, quickly open the OTG and place your dish inside.
  • Stay cautious while using OTG, as it becomes very hot.

These are the basic things that you must know before baking your first recipe inside your OTG Oven. Also, if you really want to master using an OTG Oven, I recommend you to follow popular blogs like The Vanilla Bean Blog. That’s what I used to follow when I was into my learning phase. I hope these tips were helpful for you to learn the basics of using an OTG Oven. Happy Baking!

Back in time, people were dependent on the old manual type of chimneys. Some homes still use that these days. But what’s more trendy as of now are the latest auto-clean filterless chimneys. The two popular home appliance brands, Elica & Faber have taken over the whole market as they have a huge collection of the best auto clean chimney in India.

As technology has picked up the boost, our world has changed a lot. If you do not want to face the hassle of cleaning chimneys manually, getting an auto-clean chimney is a really good decision.

Auto-Clean vs Manual Chimney – Comparison Guide

auto clean vs manual chimney

It’s really very hard to remove the dry dirt from the kitchen chimney manually. That’s why auto-clean kitchen chimneys have a detachable oil collector connected to them where the chimney automatically collects all the residue left after cooking.

Then all you need to do is clean up the oil collector a few times and you are done. That’s really very easy to do rather than cleaning up the whole chimney yourself manually like in the normal chimneys. Here are some aspects where you can differentiate both types of chimneys.


Because auto-clean chimneys are automatic in nature, they perform well better cleaning process than manual work. Due to that, the overall lifespan of your appliance gets increases. You can easily understand that auto-clean chimneys perform really better as compared to manual ones.

Ease of Maintenance

 As auto-clean chimneys have advanced features, the maintenance part of the machine is really very hassle-free. Not only it is fast, but the technology of these devices is so efficient that they have hardly any chances of any errors. In comparison to normal manual chimneys, ease of maintenance in auto-clean chimneys is very easy.


The oil clogging in the normal regular manual chimneys is a really big problem to face. But when you go with an auto-clean type of filterless chimney, there is no problem of oil clogging. That can be one of the biggest reasons why you should prefer auto-clean chimneys.


Auto-clean chimneys are the new future. They are a better solution to the smoky environment of the kitchen as compared to the normal chimneys. We don’t mean that normal kitchen chimneys are a waste of money.

But there is no comparison to the rapid growth of technology, auto-clean filterless kitchen chimneys are the best type of chimneys available these days. In our opinion, auto-clean chimneys should be your preference between auto-clean vs manual chimneys.